Protection Package


We are now offering our Protection Package to private owners and car sales/dealerships in the local area. This is a great way to get all the main surfaces of the car fully protected.  This protection package can be applied to new or used cars.


Prices from £250


Why choose an Autoshine Protection Package?

If left unprotected, paintwork starts to deteriorate from day one. pollution, acid rain, road salts and ultra violet rays can cause oxidisation resulting in a dull and faded paintwork.

At Autoshine, we only use the highest quality professional products which produces a high gloss finish, this high gloss finish acts like a protective barrier helping to guard the paintwork against harmful pollutants whilst retaining its shiny appearance for up to two years *.  This can help optimise the residual value of your car.




Exterior paintwork will be professionally polished and coated with a ultra durable, high quality, long lasting coating, which will not only enhance the shine to the paintwork, but will also act as a protective barrier, maximising its resistance to harmful pollutants.  This glossy finish will also be water repellent, making it easier to keep the paintwork clean and shiny, wash after wash for up to 2 years*







We use products that are designed to protect all interior fabrics from spills and staining, resulting in an invisible guard that helps repel liquids and stains while extending the life of the fabrics.  We also treat the interior plastics with a natural, non greasy, satin finish plastic protectant.  This will help repel dust and keep the plastics looking like new, and will also make future cleaning much easier.



A professional, non sticky treatment is applied to the leather surfaces which prevents the leathers from soiling, as any liquid spills are repelled, making them easier to clean up.  This leather treatment also contains UV inhibitors, helping to prevent colour fade of the interior leathers, keeping your leather surfaces feeling soft and supply.




  • Glass sealant is applied to the windscreen to help repel water and leaving the windscreen staying cleaner for longer.
  • Alloy wheel protectant is applied to help repel brake dust, resulting in easier alloy wheels to clean.
  • All chrome work, door shuts and other details protected


Aftercare Programme

We have carefully designed an Aftercare Programme for our customers which includes an easy to follow step by step programme to maximise the benefits and sure that your paintwork and interior stay protected from  harmful pollutants. We will also supply you complimentary products that will help prolong the protection applied to their car.

We also supply our customers with a recommended products leaflet, this will help you choose the correct products in the future.


*In Order to maximise the benefits of our Protection Package and ensure that your paintwork retains its protection and glossy finish, we recommend that you follow our aftercare programme. This also applies to treat interiors.



Products used from – Gtechniq, 303 High tech, Sonax, Auto Finesse, Wolfs Chemicals, Gyeon


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